Amy and Andy’s wedding

It’s a while since I photographed a friend’s wedding. It’s nice in a way but you want to make the photos extra special if possible. Not always easy but that was the plan. It was beautiful weather, slightly too warm if you’re working!

The day started with me heading over to the Guildhall in Poole for some photos of Andy and his groomsmen and we had a bit of fun which included getting the obligatory socks photo!

alt="groom and groomsmen fun photo"

Then I rushed over to Parkstone to get some photos of Amy at her parents house. Amy looked amazing but we didn’t have long then it was a quick journey back to the Guildhall ready for the ceremony. Well I was ready but the guests looked quite settled in the pub!

The bride arrived and everyone was ushered into the Guildhall for the ceremony. I rushed outside and said to the girls ‘try and smile when you walk down the aisle’. It’s a good tip as otherwise it’s very easy for bridesmaids to look nervous as I’m sure they feel nervous too!

alt="wedding ceremony photo Guildhall Poole"

After the ceremony, I knew I needed to get a photo of everyone on the steps before the lure of the pub took hold and good as gold everyone assembled quickly and the biggest photo was done.

alt="Poole Guildhall wedding group photo"

A few more group photos and then it was time to head over to Parkstone golf club for the reception.

When I arrived, Andy was sizing up a golf buggy and said we’d best head onto the golf course now for some photos so off we went and I jumped on the back, secured my camera gear and held on tight thinking, ‘I really don’t want to fall off this thing. I’ve still got loads of work to do!’

alt="golf buggy bride and groom photo"

The golf course was really picturesque with two stunning lakes and loads of mature trees etc. Bit of a photographer’s paradise and I could see Andy and Amy were starting to relax out in the open.

alt="romantic weddig photo parkstone golf club" alt="bridal portrait parkstone golf club Poole" bride and groom portrait Poole

After these photos, I could start to relax myself a bit. Some casual photos still to do plus speeches, cake cut and first dance but mainly indoor stuff. The guests ate some delicious curry (me too) and every one looked happy. The speeches came and everyone was in fits of laughter, the groom being a bit of a natural comedian.

The evening came, some familiar faces arrived and quite a few props came out for photobooth style piccies.

An excellent wedding to photograph and definitely memorable! Thanks Amy and Andy.