Back at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel!

It’s always a treat to go to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel. It’s probably my favourite wedding venue in Dorset. Lucy and Chris, from Weymouth, had decided to book it for their wedding and clearly felt the journey was well worth it and I agree!

It’s always nice to try new techniques etc with a wedding. The first thing I was keen to try was my fisheye lense. I don’t use it that much but when i’m in smaller spaces, it’s very useful.

fisheye lense photo bournemouth

The ceremony itself was full of joy and humour. It’s how all ceremonies should be!

"wedding ceremony photos bournemouth"

"wedding ceremony photos bournemouth"

With this venue you have to wait till the tide is out before getting some photos of the bride and groom and with these we waited till after the wedding breakfast so that the light was also more interesting.

"christchurch harbour hotel wedding photos"

alt="christchurch harbour hotel wedding photo"

I played around with the above photo to enhance the sky and add some drama!


I hope Lucy and Chris don’t mind this wind surfer getting into the photo but I thought it added a bit of character to the shot and makes the setting more interesting.