Candid wedding photos

Sometimes it’s the unplanned candid shots at weddings which my clients seem to really like. It may be because they know what posed shots I’ve taken of them as a couple and the family group photos etc but they have no idea what candid shots I’ve taken so they can be a lovely surprise. 

alt="natural wedding photos Dorset"

alt="natural wedding photography new forest"The wedding has started but the kids don’t look that interested….

alt="Daniel Speller black and white wedding photographer new forest"It’s nice to capture Mum’s reactions…

alt="reportage wedding photography bournemouth"Love the bride’s facial expression…

alt="new forest reportage wedding photography Daniel Speller"Bridesmaids always love a wedding!alt="reportage wedding photography new forest

alt="Daniel Speller new forest wedding photographer"These ladies are just chilling and having fun….

alt="Daniel Speller photographer new forest"this fella too!alt"=gents at wedding new forest"Perfect summer hats gents….

You’ve probably guessed I’m a big fan of black and white photography-no distracting colours and I think it makes you look more closely at people’s faces and especially their emotions. 

Rest assured if you book me to photograph your wedding, you will get lots of candid reportage style photos in black and white.

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