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New baby portraits

It’s always a pleasure to take photos of babies. They’re not self conscious and you can try different ideas to see which work the best. I photographed this little boy’s sister a couple of years ago so it was nice to be asked to capture the newest addition to the family. Capturing different expressions makes baby photography fun! A big close up always looks good It’s always nice to capture details.  
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more baby portraits

I seem to be doing more and more baby portraits at the moment which is no bad thing. Babies are great subjects as they are usually quite smiley and look great as long as you light them properly. The increase in baby portraiture is partly a result of my latest promotion called ‘watch your baby grow’ in which mothers are offered three portrait sittings in the baby’s first year. I usually photograph them at 2-3 months, 6 months(when they’re likely to be sitting up) and 11-12 months when they’re standing-all very different stages which gives parents lots of variety in
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Newborn baby photo shoot

I hadn’t done a baby shoot for a while so I was quite excited when Katie, the baby’s mum phoned one day last week and said, ‘I’ve got an 11 day old baby. Are you available to take a set of photos for me?’ Katie, Scott and the baby came the next morning. I heated my studio till it was nice and warm and got straight to work as soon as they arrived. It was just a really nice easy straightforward shoot. I tried a variety of angles and used my macro lense to get some nice close up shots,
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