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Affordable portrait photo shoot on the beach

An Affordable portrait photo shoot is there for everyone to take advantage of and when the weather’s good, the light is soft and you’re in attractive surroundings you have all the perfect ingredients for a successful photography session. Well nearly all. You also need subjects who are willing to have fun in front of the camera or who can be persuaded! The Baggott family and their dog Billy really were good fun as you will see in their photos and despite heading to a popular spot for walkers and families, late afternoon proved to be a quiet time and we
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Portraits last forever

Well it’s been a busy month. The run up to Christmas was busy with family portraits and there was a good response to my Christmas promotion. The one thing which always comes across is that people really value the photos which I have taken. It’s easy to see why. I’m not saying my photos are amazing or obviously better than any other photographer’s photos. What people appreciate is photos of their families which are well composed, well lit with nice expressions on people’s faces.  When you get all the components right the overall effect is powerful. And good photos stand
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New baby portraits

It’s always a pleasure to take photos of babies. They’re not self conscious and you can try different ideas to see which work the best. I photographed this little boy’s sister a couple of years ago so it was nice to be asked to capture the newest addition to the family. Capturing different expressions makes baby photography fun! A big close up always looks good It’s always nice to capture details.  
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New family portraits

I’m always happy to photograph families of any age. This family were very comfortable in front of the camera especially the teenage girls. The girls just seemed to know what looks good. But that’s not always the case.  A big part of my job is to direct people, suggest poses which people are happy with and try to make them feel comfortable (or less uncomfortable!) in front of the camera. This was a fun straightforward shoot. If you want to get some photos of your family, do get in touch. It doesn’t take long but the results are well worth
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