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Portraits for dating websites

With an increasing number of people using dating websites at some point in their lives, it’s no surprise that I recently received a request from a gentleman called Peter who wanted some photos of himself to put on a dating website. What a good idea I thought. His thinking was that if he got some professional looking photos, he could portray himself in a good light (!) with well composed photos and posed in a natural but flattering way. He wanted some outdoor photos and some studio lit ones. So after some discussion I thought we could head down to
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Portraits last forever

Well it’s been a busy month. The run up to Christmas was busy with family portraits and there was a good response to my Christmas promotion. The one thing which always comes across is that people really value the photos which I have taken. It’s easy to see why. I’m not saying my photos are amazing or obviously better than any other photographer’s photos. What people appreciate is photos of their families which are well composed, well lit with nice expressions on people’s faces.  When you get all the components right the overall effect is powerful. And good photos stand
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What’s so good about black and white photos?

Ok, yes this is one of my popular themes but that’s because I really believe in the power of black and white photographs. They just convey more emotion! Take out the colour and there are no distractions. You just look straight at the subjects’ faces and see what they’re feeling. Maybe you also empathise a bit and feel their emotions too.      Black and white photos also convey more character somehow. Think of all those powerful portraits and film stills from the 1950’s-James Dean, Marilyn Munroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn-they all convey such character and are still
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Amy and Andy’s pre wedding shoot

It was fun taking pictures of Amy and Andy last week up at Boscombe gardens. I hadn’t been up there for a while so I saw it through fresh eyes. These bluebells caught my eye so I used them for some foreground interest. Amy and Andy are getting married at Merley House near Wimborne and I’m quite excited about it as I’ve never photographed a wedding there. Andy told me at the start that he didn’t like having his photo taken and found it hard to smile in photos. However he seemed fine today as a lot of my poses
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Family portraits

Well it’s not often I get to squeeze 11 people into my studio but that’s exactly what happened the other day when the Smith family came for a family photo shoot a few days before Christmas. I took lots of different photos as the group was made up of three different families but everyone was really patient and the children happy once I got the jelly babies out! All I can say is the children were brilliantly behaved and it made for a really smooth session. One of the mum’s was pregnant and whilst photographing her and her husband, her
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Lads photo shoot

Happy New Year to everyone! My last shoot took place between Christmas and New Year. I got an enquiry from a guy wanting some photos of a group of 30 year old mates-all men! Not the usual sort of request but why not? I’m always up for a challenge. It was one of the guys birthday’s and they were having a reunion get together so actually it was quite a good idea but as with all these things it’s about capturing the mood and trying to get the balance right between it being fun but ultimately producing well composed shots. Well
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