Wedding photography isn’t dead!

I’ve just read an article about wedding photography being dead. Photographers everywhere are struggling to find work. There’s no doubt that conditions in the market place are tough. The economy is struggling, Brexit has made people uncertain. These are facts. So, with this in mind, it was really nice to take three wedding bookings in a 10 day period recently. It gave me a real boost. I’ve been photographing weddings for around twenty years now so have been through many ups and downs including the financial crisis of 2008-9. Taking wedding bookings is not a given and I really believe it’s a privilege to photograph such an important day in peoples’ lives. I don’t expect to book 20+ weddings a year anymore but now each wedding is a real event and I put more thought and time into planning the kind of shots I take and probably hone in more closely to what clients want.

On a different note, one of the bookings I made was for a wedding at Brownsea Castle next spring, which is a rare thing as apparently there are only around two dates available per year when the Castle can actually be booked for a wedding. So, I’m excited about that especially as it looks like a really lovely venue. Coincidentally about two weeks after I got that booking, I was approached by a lady whose wedding had also taken place at Brownsea Castle. She had a lovely set of photos but wanted her favourites laid out in a digital wedding book/album. Luckily, I landed the job and it’s been great for me to see the kind of shots that can taken at the venue. I already feel like I’ve been there. I will still do my own reccy but I feel I’ve already got a feel for the place.
weddings at Brownsea Castle

I’m looking forward to photographing this year’s weddings but especially the Brownsea wedding next spring…