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Portraits last forever

Well it’s been a busy month. The run up to Christmas was busy with family portraits and there was a good response to my Christmas promotion. The one thing which always comes across is that people really value the photos which I have taken. It’s easy to see why. I’m not saying my photos are amazing or obviously better than any other photographer’s photos. What people appreciate is photos of their families which are well composed, well lit with nice expressions on people’s faces.  When you get all the components right the overall effect is powerful. And good photos stand
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Family portraits

Well it’s not often I get to squeeze 11 people into my studio but that’s exactly what happened the other day when the Smith family came for a family photo shoot a few days before Christmas. I took lots of different photos as the group was made up of three different families but everyone was really patient and the children happy once I got the jelly babies out! All I can say is the children were brilliantly behaved and it made for a really smooth session. One of the mum’s was pregnant and whilst photographing her and her husband, her
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Two new wedding bookings

In the past week or so, I’ve booked a couple of lovely weddings for 2016. Thanks to Amy and Andrew for booking me for their wedding at Merley House, a venue I’ve not worked at before so I’m excited about that and also thanks to Nigel and Donna who have booked me for their wedding at the Highcliff Marriott Hotel in Bournemouth, a really nice venue, perfect for weddings (you can get married in the gardens overlooking the sea which is stunning!) and also where politicians stay when their party conferences take place in Bournemouth. On a different note, I
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